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Audra possesses the unique ability to identify imaginative streams of revenue growth for solopreneurs. She understands the difficulties inherent in running your own company. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, I encourage you to hire Audra.

Karen Todd Scarpulla | www.littlewhitedogpress.com

Audra has been a gift to me and the shaping of my business over the past year. My income has grown, and I’m excited about the possibilities for growing my business in new directions that I hadn’t thought possible. Audra is on fire when she spots possibilities for revenue growth, and she will light that fire in you!

Laurie McLean | www.handygaltools.com

“Working with Audra has helped me see what benefits clients get out of the experience I provide, not just the time I put in. She makes clear not just the WHY but the HOW of value pricing.

Pearl Klein | www.pearlklein.com

Working with Audra was like having a real, live angel on my side. Through her unique approach, I was able to really understand—for the first time—the value of what I provide and the true significance of my work. I have worked with several top coaches in the industry, and I can say confidently that Audra is by far the most gifted business coach that I have ever worked with.

Jordan Vilchez | www.jordanvilchez.com

Audra’s expertise, laser focus and people skills make her the winning choice in business coaching. She immediately relaxed me into a step-by-step process for defining and enhancing what I am about, so this energy translates seamlessly into attracting my ideal client. Audra is perfect for anyone seeking efficient and effective support to develop strong foundational skills and systems. Be prepared to skyrocket your business to success in a whole new way!

Barbara Schultz | www.thesoulmidwife.com