Free Evernote Templates: Daily and Weekly Planners

Daily and weekly planner templates to help you start and end each day with ease

Project Ease - Praise for Evernote Planners - Daniela Uslan 2015-11-17 (torn edge).png

For years, I struggled with how to get on top of my day.

Most days I didn't know how I was going to feel and what I was actually going to be capable of. On top of that, memory issues caused by fibromyalgia made it nearly impossible to remember exactly what I had even intended to do in the first place.

It was a recipe for frustration and stress, when all I wanted to feel useful and productive.

Making Evernote an extension of my brain

Evernote has been a tool in my arsenal since 2009, but I've come to rely on it very heavily. I call it "my brain" and use it to store everything from copies of passports, to packing lists, to running every detail of my businesses. It was only when I realized you could make it prettier that I REALLY started to use and love it even more.

These planners are the result of many hours of research and thought about what makes for a truly productive day. A day you can feel good about regardless of how much you did or didn't do – where you can celebrate the tiniest of victories.

Now you can have access to my special planners!