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1) How much do you want to bring home each month?

2) How many days per week will you perform client work?

3) How many hours per day will you perform client work?

4) How many weeks per year do you need for vacation, holidays, conferences, sick time, etc..?

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For account for expenses such as business overhead, taxes, savings, retirement, US healthcare, etc., multiply your desired monthly income by 1.5

Your Baseline Rate

Your Baseline Rate is your "secret" hourly rate. It's what you need to bring in to cover the basic financial needs for both you and your business. It's the rate you'll use to calculate your prices right now.

To find your Baseline Rate, enter these numbers in the calculator:

  • realistic monthly income
  • # of work days per week you're willing to work
  • # of hours per work day you're willing to work
  • # of weeks off you’d be reasonably happy with

Your service has a very real cost to you. You are paying for it with your time, ideally for a rate that makes your business sustainable. (Remember, you can't serve clients if you have no business.)

This is the absolute lowest you should go when calculating a price for your service. To get to a flat price, you'll multiply this hourly rate by the amount of time you spend delivering a service. (For more on how to do that you can check out my free video training.)

Hint: Play with the "Weeks Off" section. It can have some surprising results!