For the first time in my whole life I’m able to separate my self-worth from the success of my project. The project in this case is my business. Yes, there’s a lot on the line, but it doesn’t define me or fully articulate the potential of what I can offer the world.

I’ve learned that just because I want to do something doesn’t mean that people will want to do it with me.

Don’t believe me? Try asking someone to go skydiving with you.

Side note: I have not gone, nor will I ever go skydiving. I would surely have a heart attack on the way down. How I know this is because I took part in Outward Bound in high school and they asked me to jump from the top of a tree, wearing a fully secure harness. Standing on the teeny tiny platform, I said I wanted to climb back down. They said I couldn’t, so eventually I jumped. I fainted on the way down. I’m just that cool.

There are many variations of Venn diagrams that show what you’re good at, what you want to do and what people will pay you for. All three of those things have to intersect.


intersection lessons diagram
intersection lessons diagram

My goal is to find that intersection, but I’m not gonna cry about it if I don’t.

This is my year to play and experiment with my business. To try to bring value to folks that I think need it. If I can’t do that, I’ll do something else.

See? Totally okay with whatever happens. And it feels really, really good.

What if your business failed? How would that make you feel? Can you separate yourself from the outcome?

To our success, Audra

P.S. I will warn you that today's song is country. I know, I know! But this one's good, and it speaks to me. It's a beautiful song about taking risks to get what you want. So here you go: "Silver Lining" by Kacey Musgraves. You're welcome. :)