Recently I decided to hire a business coach. Yes, you read that correctly: I'm a business coach that has a business coach. In the fine tradition of the cobbler's children having no shoes, I had lost whatever objectivity I had about how to move my own business forward. It was time to bring in some help.

After many months of looking, I had found The One. In some ways, it was like falling in love. I felt a certain resonance with her immediately, and by the end of her workshop I knew I wanted to work with her.

We had a great introductory call. (Somehow I knew we would.) It just solidified everything I'd felt initially.

Then I found out her rates.

This is embarrassing to admit, but my immediate thought was: “On no! How can I possibly spend that much right now?!?!”

A few deep breaths later came another thought: “This is a huge priority for me, and she's who I need to be working with right now. I would be CRAZYPANTS not to do this.” So I said “Let's do it!” and signed a one year contract.

The more I thought about this, the more interesting it got.

I've always heard that you have to invest in your business and yourself to be successful...yep, “spend money to make money”...that old chestnut! Up until this point I thought I had, but really I'd been playing it safe. I immediately ruled out things that seemed “too expensive”. Thanks to Shenee Howard, I've learned to stop saying that. Instead, I say ,“That's not a priority for me right now.”

It's pretty eye opening when you acknowledge what your priorities really are (or aren't).

What a relief to say “no, thank you” to the wrong things and “O.M.G.YES!!” to the right ones.

I've been working with my coach for a fairly short time, but I have already made a huge amount of progress. It feels like I've added rocket fuel to my business. Of course, it's partly because I am ready with a capital R. I also believe that it is in part due to the cost.

One thing I know is that you will pay almost anything when it's that important to you. Another is that you value what you pay dearly for.

Do you think I would be getting the same results for half the price? Maybe. Maybe not.

Am I fully showing up for my sessions and meeting my commitments? You bet your ass I am.

Now it's time to hear from you! I'd love to hear about your experiences.

What investment are you making in your business? How is it making a difference for you?

Please let me know in the comments below!

To our success, Audra

P.S. Here’s today’s soundtrack (for the musically inclined and the 80s nostalgic!): • “Bust a Move” – Young MC“New Sensation” – INXS“Big Time” – Peter Gabriel

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